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Motorcycle Insurance in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky

Mandatory motorcycle insurance laws in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky are similar. You don't want minimum coverage though, particularly for a motorcycle. Cars and motorcycles are entirely different vehicles. Cars have four wheels; motorcycles have two. Drivers and passengers of cars are surrounded by steel; there is no such protection on a motorcycle. Cars have seat belts to keep people from being ejected; motorcycles don't have seat belts.

It's obvious that the risk of serious injury increases on motorcycles, even at lower speeds. Sure, we all cut corners in one way or another to save some money, but don't cut corners with your physical and financial health. If you wipe out on a patch of gravel, minimum insurance might cover your passenger for a night in the emergency room and a day or two in the hospital. You're personally on the hook for the balance. That includes all medical bills you incur. All of your personal assets are now at risk, including your motorcycle.

Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency who is willing to work with you. We provide motorcycle insurance services in Proctorville, OH, Huntington, WV and Lexington, KY as well as surrounding areas. We are experienced, objective, and honest. We are connected with multiple insurers that are going to compete to provide your coverage. Competition means better prices. Better prices means more affordable motorcycle insurance that you can surround yourself with.

For Proctorville, OH, Huntington, WV and Lexington, KY motorcycle insurance, you can either get an online quote, you can call us, or just stop in. We'll make the time to answer any questions you have, and you'll be happy that you contacted us. Don't let a patch of gravel control your life.

All you off road lovers, we have carriers that specialize in off road vehicles such as the Polaris Rzor. Whether in Ohio, West Virginia or Kentucky, Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services is your go to agency.


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