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Condo Insurance for Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia

When you buy a condo you will likely have some type of insurance coverage through the condo association. However, the interior of your condo needs to be protected by additional coverage, and it's your responsibility to purchase a policy that meets your needs.

Did you know that many master policies in Ohio and Kentucky provided through condo associations won't cover slip and falls that occur in your condo? In fact, most of them only provide coverage if the incident happens within a common area. In order for slips and falls to be covered that occur in your condo, you'll likely need to invest in an actual condo insurance policy. Fortunately, finding a policy that can meet your needs isn't difficult. All you need to do is speak with reputable Proctorville, OH and Lexington, West Virginia, KY condo insurance agents.

By comparing multiple policies against one another, you can easily see the differences. You'll also be able to identify the features of each policy that you most prefer. Simply let Proctorville, OH and Lexington, KY independent insurance agents know which features you want, and they can find an affordable policy that meets your needs.

Another great reason that condo owners need to speak with a reputable agency about buying condo insurance is because most policies cover theft and vandalism. A master policy won't cover the interior of your home, including personal belongings. However, buying condo insurance is a great remedy to this problem. Call today to learn more about the policies that suit you best.


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