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Boat & Watercraft Insurance for Ohio, West Virginia Kentucky

Boaters along the Ohio River, like all boaters, ought to insure their boats. In this area it’s especially important to work with an independent insurance agent who is licensed in both Ohio and Kentucky. If you’re almost ready to start boating up and down the river this season, let us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services help you. Serving both Proctorville, OH and Lexington, KY, boat/watercraft insurance agents at our office can help you find an affordable policy that will provide coverage in both states.

The Basics of Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Like all other types of insurance, boat/watercraft insurance is comprised of several different coverage options. One of our agents can help you choose specific levels of coverage that are appropriate for your situation, but some of the basic coverage options you’ll likely consider include protection for:

  • Your boat’s hull
  • Any equipment permanently affixed to your boat (e.g. its sails and engine)
  • The people aboard your boat
  • Property your boat damages in an accident
  • Low Rates on Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Also like virtually all kinds of insurance policies, you’ll find the most affordable rates on boat/watercraft insurance by working with an independent agent. Independent agents are licensed to compare policies from all insurance companies that operate in the the states their licensed in.

In our case, we have independent agents who are licensed in both Ohio and Kentucky, which is why we can serve boaters in Proctorville, OH and Lexington, KY. Boat/watercraft insurance policies’ premiums vary in each state, but we’ll help you find the lowest ones. If you don’t have a boat/watercraft insurance policy, contact us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services. An independent insurance agent at our office will ensure we find you affordable coverage.


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