Ways to Drive Defensively in Proctorville, OH

When driving in a place like Proctorville, OH, it is important to have insurance on your vehicle, through a local provider like Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, for example. However, this can get prohibitively expensive. So in order to make it more affordable, driving defensively can reduce the cost of insurance by keeping you out of an accident or getting a ticket from local authorities, two of the primary things that raise your rates. Below are some suggestions of ways to drive defensively.


This doesn’t mean speed, it means abide by the speed limit. But don’t drive way under the speed limit, because that can actually lead to accidents in some places in town. As speeding is the main cause of accidents and also the main type of ticket handed out, not doing these things makes little sense when you want lower costs for your insurance policy.


By keeping everyone else on the road around you aware of what you are doing, your intentions will be clear and accidents are less likely to happen when that is the case. This will keep rates low because the habitual use of signals will undoubtedly help you to avoid getting into an accident in the long run.


Have the assumption that other drivers are going to do things on the road that they absolutely shouldn’t do. This will actually allow you to be prepared when someone does do something stupid and dangerous on the road, allowing you to protect yourself, your vehicle and all the passengers who may be riding with you.


Bad visibility is another main reason why accidents happen so keeping your windows and mirrors clean us of the utmost importance when driving defensively.