Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Auto Insurance

Whether you are a seasoned Ohio driver or new to the roads in Proctorville, there are some mistakes you should avoid when applying for a new auto insurance policy. We at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services believe by avoiding the following mistakes you will end up with the best coverage at a reasonable price

  1. Avoid Purchasing The Cheapest Policy

While this strategy may save you money in the short term, you could end up paying for this decision in the long run. You will have a high deductible with a cheap policy, meaning you could potentially pay out thousands of dollars in repair expenses in the event of an accident.

2) Not Taking the Time to Understand the Policy

It is often during the claim filing process that policyholders learn about the exclusions in their policy because party of a claim is denied. Jeff will take the time to review each aspect of your policy with you prior to committing to the policy so that you are confident in the protection you are buying.

3) Missing Out on Key Discounts

Many people lose out on discounts available because they do not know to ask for them. Jeff  Hutchison Insurance Services knows all the discounts you could be eligible for including being accident-free, low mileage, and having anti-theft devices installed.

4) Not Being Truthful

Some people neglect to tell their carrier all the potential drivers of the vehicle or where the car is parked at night in an attempt to save a few bucks. Insurance companies do have ways of finding out this information and you risk have a claim denied as a result. The few dollars you save each month will not compare the money you will owe when you claim is denied.

If you are in the Market for an Auto Insurance policy, please give us a call to review all of your options. We proudly service Proctorville, OH and the surrounding areas.

The Overlooked Riders of Home Insurance

For the citizens of Proctorville, OH looking for home insurance, there are key issues that everyone considers. A home is frequently a person’s most valuable investment. It makes sense that people should purchase insurance on the structure of their home. This makes sure that they are protected should any damage befall their home. On the other hand, there are a couple of keys that many people overlook that could still wind up significantly costing an individual if catastrophe strikes. Read below to make sure a home is completely protected, inside and out. 

First, while the home is valuable and should be protected, do not neglect what it inside the home. Most people have expensive furniture, electronics, jewelry, and clothing that could represent tens of thousands of dollars in assets. It is vital that these items remain insured as well. A house fire, theft, or other natural disasters could easily wipe out everything inside the home. Talk to a home insurance agent about insurance on personal belongings. This will allow an individual to receive compensation to replace these items if they are lost. 

Next, remember the living expenses that could wind up costing a family significant amounts of money if they home suffers a total loss. If the home is destroyed or damaged to the point it is unlivable, a family might be forced into a hotel or apartment for an extended period of time. These costs can pile up quickly. There is actually a rider that people can purchase that will cover for these living expenses should the home become unlivable. Everyone should make sure they have insurance to pay for these living expenses if tragedy strikes. 

For anyone looking for home insurance in Proctorville, OH, do not neglect these important riders. Contact Jeff Hutchison insurance for quality protection today. Every family deserves the utmost protection for their home against tragedy. Call an experienced agent today for more information.

Driving Violations That Cost You the Most

While visiting Huntington, Ohio, it is a must that you stop by the Huntington Historical Society Museum. With ties to the Underground Railroad, your family will feel as if you traveled through time to experience historical Huntington. Although a small town, there is a lot to do in Huntington, but before embarking on a sightseeing trip, it is important to know what traffic violations will cost you the most in Huntington and throughout the United States.

3. Speeding
Many people speed because they do not allocate enough time to get to their destination. Other people speed because they like the thrill of danger. Whatever the reason, speeding can lead to the loss of life for you and others who travel with you on the road. As a result of the risk, speeding can result in a ticket, which generally impacts the cost of your insurance between 21 and 30 percent.

2. Reckless Driving
Driving reckless has many different meanings, but it ultimately means you are not focused on driving. Based on that definition, texting, talking on the phone, and even some conversations may constitute reckless driving. Safe drivers are aware of the consequences of reckless driving, including the impact on their insurance, which is about an 80 percent increase in cost. It is critical for you to be keenly aware of what you are doing while driving in order to avoid accidents.

1. Drunk Driving
Drunk drivers cause a lot of accidents on the road, many of which result in the loss of lives. Drunk drivers have a reduced ability to respond and control their cars while driving. As a result of the increased risks associated with the behavior, if you receive a ticket associated with drunk driving, your insurance will increase. In the United States, the average insurance increase associated with drunk driving is 93 percent.

Driving violations do not just cost you court fees, but they increase the rate you pay for your insurance. Whether you are paying for business insurance or personal insurance, your rates will increase and it takes years to correct the wrong. If you need insurance, visiting our website will help you get insurance quotes to determine the type of insurance that is best for you. When you are ready to save on insurance costs, our independent agents will walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have about insurance in Huntington, OH.

You Are Never Too Old to Learn

For those who live in the Proctorville, OH area, you are never too old to learn. Fortunately, learning is made easy with the Lawrence County location of the Ohio University Proctorville Center. Located just across from the bridge from Huntington, the Ohio University Proctorville Center offers a variety of classes to fit just about anyone’s busy schedule. Daytime, evening, weekend and even online courses are available. Many find the Proctorville Center as a convenient way to take general college courses before moving on to their specialty.

The Center is also a source of local events like this spring’s Fifth Annual Women’s Conference. The event is scheduled for April 10th with registration beginning at 8:00 am. The day will feature workshops and a luncheon presentation by State Representative Dorothy Pelanda. The Annual Women’s Conference is designed for women of all backgrounds. There will be presentations on everything from cyber security to etiquette. Tickets are $30 for adult women and $20 for female students. If you would like to learn more call the school at 740.886.7655.

If you are a business owner in the 45669 zip code area, you also are never too old to learn about saving on your business insurance. Jeff Hutchinson Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency that can get quotes from a variety of insurance providers. We work to save you money without cutting corners on your coverage.

Visit our website to get a homeowners or auto quote. We will get you a comparative quote that could very well save you money. For your business insurance, contact us at Jeff Hutchinson Insurance Services. You’re never too old to learn at the Ohio University Proctorville Center and you’re never too old to save by contacting Jeff Hutchinson Insurance Services.

It’s Spring in Proctorville, Ohio. Really.

It has been one long cold, snowy winter in Proctorville, OH. Although we will could still experience some cold temps, and maybe even some more snow, spring officially started on March 20th. People from throughout Proctorville and Huntington will be emerging from their homes enjoying the warmer temperatures. Backyard barbecues will again fill the air and the sound of lawn mowers will fill our ears.

It is the season we all start to get together a little more, our kids play in each other’s yards, and outside yard work gets into full swing. It is also when you are at risk of a personal injury claim. Injuries can happen quickly and without warning. Personal injury claims can be the result of a child falling from a swing, from a flare up on a propane grill, or an unseen mole hole in your yard. They can come from a neighbor, a delivery person or a lawn care worker. When they occur, you want to make sure you are properly covered. That coverage will be provided by the liability provisions of your homeowners insurance.

If you live in the 45669 zip code area, you are invited to contact us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services. We are an independent insurance agency serving the Proctorville area. We can review your homeowners policy to make sure it is as ready for the spring as you are. Because we are independent agents, we can seek out a rate you will find affordable without jeopardizing coverage.

If you like, visit our website and get an online quote on your homeowners insurance or auto insurance. Of course, our insurance reviews and quotes come with no obligation and are absolutely free. You may discover that we can save you money.

We have made it through the winter and it is time to celebrate. Just make sure you do it safely. If you have questions about your homeowners insurance, we invite you to contact us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services.

Five Things To Supply To Get Car Insurance Quotes

Proctorville, OH is a small village with a population of close to 500 people. There’s not much to do within the town, but there is a general feeling of everyone knowing everyone. For those who want more of the big city feel, Huntington, WV is less than 10 miles away.

When you are going to get car insurance in the 45669 area, there are 5 things you will want to supply in order to get quotes.

Car Details

You will need to talk about the type of car you have. This includes make, model, and year as well as any other details. Depending on the insurance company, you may also need your car inspected before they can give you their best rate.

Amount of Miles Driven

Before quotes can be given to you in Proctorville, you will want to know approximately how many miles you drive on a daily basis. This includes your mileage for the year as well as what your commute mileage is to and from work. The best rates come to those who drive less than 20 miles a day.

Driving History

An agent will ask for your driving history. This will include getting your driver’s license number. Past accidents will need to be discussed.

Marital Status

Married people generally get better rates, so this is a question that you will be asked.

Type of Insurance Needed

You have options when it comes to car insurance. While the state of OH tells you that there is a minimum level of liability, you can also choose to get comprehensive and collision insurance as well. Knowing the level of coverage you want will make it easier to get quotes from agents in a timely fashion.

Call and speak to one of our independent agents today so we can help you with insurance in the 45669 area.