Preparing Your Home for Spring

Life in Proctorville, OH, comes with intense seasons. Every year you need to prep for severe winter and warm summer. Time is moving, and before you know it, spring will be upon us. Take a look at this checklist, prepared by Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, and see how you can minimize frustration and expenses by prepping for the next seasonal change early.

Inspect the Roof

Winter is hard on roofs, and this winter has been no picnic. Every spring, when the snows are gone, take the time to check the roof for damaged or missing shingles. Tackling the easier repairs before the more intense spring and summer storms hit can save bundles in repairs and damages. While you’re up there, don’t forget to check and clean the gutters. They’ll be getting use soon enough.

Check the Stone

Any stone in your home, from brick to concrete, should get a once over after the snow is gone. Extreme winter conditions are notorious for starting cracks in stone, and if they are left unchecked, the summer heat will split and spread the cracks in no time. Take a look at driveways, foundation, fixtures and anything else that might be made vulnerable from the major changes in temperature.

Schedule a Summer Prep Day

Before you need it in the heat of summer, take a look at outdoor plumbing. You always want to find leaks or other problems before the demand arises. On that subject, as soon as the weather is warm enough, go ahead and service that AC unit. It probably needs a new filter, and it’s another item that you don’t want to discover is problematic when you need it most. Finally, check on your gardening tools, especially anything electric or motorized. If you take a full day to get these checks done early, you can save mounting frustration later in the summer.

We want your life in Proctorville, OH, to be enjoyable, so keep an eye on the Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services blog for more tips on saving money and keeping your home, family and vehicles in top shape.