Money Saving Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

Extending the life of your vehicle is important. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much work for you to not only improve how your vehicle runs but extend its life and boost resale value. At Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, we want to make sure you realize this money saving maintenance tips, whether you live in Proctorville, OH or in the surrounding community. 

Wash Your Vehicle

Washing your car does more than just remove dirt and grime. It prevents chemicals and minerals from eating away at the paint and metal. It actually is more important to wash your vehicle during the winter months than during the summer. Salt used on roadways during the winter will eat away at the undercarriage of your vehicle. By washing your vehicle once every week or two will prevent this from happening and help you avoid the dreaded rust. 

Engine Filters

Changing your oil at recommended intervals is important. Just as important is swapping out the filters. The oil filter needs to be changed at the same time as the oil itself, and installing a new engine air filter at the same time can improve vehicle performance while reducing the amount of dirt entering the engine. This will extend the life of your vehicle’s engine. 

Follow Routine Maintenance Schedule

When nothing is seemingly wrong with your vehicle you may just not want to take it into the shop. However, following the routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle is important as some parts will be deteriorating (such as belts). If you don’t follow the schedule you may set yourself up for larger problems later on down the road. 

By following through with these general maintenance tips, you’ll help avoid long term problems while saving money at the same time. If you’re in need of new auto insurance or have questions on other money saving opportunities for your Proctorville, OH vehicle, make sure to contact us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services.