In Proctorville OH, Are There Different Types of Commercial Insurance?

The agents of Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services are available to answer questions and offer sound advice when it comes to various types of commercial insurance. Business owners in the Proctorville, OH area should have their commercial policies reviewed regularly to protect their business from financial loss. There are several different types of commercial insurance that should be considered, depending on the type of business a person owns. Worker’s Compensation insurance is required by law to protect a company’s employees if they are injured during the performance of their duties. Flood insurance, property damage insurance, and commercial liability insurance are just a few types of commercial insurance a company may want to consider.

While Worker’s Compensation is mandatory, other types of insurance are not. Businesses that are located in a flood plain should carry flood insurance. Flood damage is not covered by property damage policies that are written to protect against weather damage caused by tornadoes, high winds or driving rain. Commercial liability policies protect individuals who visit the business if they are injured or harmed in any way while on the premises. Commercial liability also covers damage caused by defective merchandise or workmanship.

Business owners in Proctorville,OH are encouraged to contact the agents of Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services to find out what types of commercial insurance they should have to protect their business. The agent will also help the business owner to determine just how much insurance their company needs to prevent a devastating loss from ruining their livelihood. With the right type of commercial policy and the right amount of coverage, a business owner can sufficiently protect their investment and rebuild accordingly if an accident or unexpected event does occur.