What Kinds of Damage are not Covered by Flood Insurance?

Purchasing a Flood Insurance policy for your home is a wise move, but it is important to understand its limitations. A regular homeowner’s policy will not protect you against flooding, but a Flood Insurance policy has some limitations.

What is Covered

Everything that is truly considered essential to the home is covered.  This includes walls, carpets and window treatments. It also includes all your home systems including electrical, plumbing and central air. 

Fixtures such as cabinets are covered, but only the ones that are damaged. If only some are damaged, you may have to decide whether to purchase some out of your own pocket. 

Your detached garage is covered, but you can only use 10% of your total toward it. Clothing, furniture, and appliances are covered, as long as they are not stored in the basement. Some valuables, up to $2,500, will be covered.

What is Not Covered

If you have flood insurance, you will need to learn your eligibility requirements and exclusions. Those will be listed in the contract when you sign up for insurance at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services in Proctorville, OH. A common exclusion is anything, including personal property or furniture, which is in a basement, walkout basement or crawl space. This includes bookcases, window treatments, carpets, and anything else that is there. There is an additional exclusion for any loss you incur because of earth movement.

Federal flood insurance also has a limit of $250,000 for the building and $100,000 for the contents, such as personal belongings within the home. That is a maximum limit, and you can purchase a smaller policy.     

Once you have made the decision to purchase flood insurance for your Proctorville, OH home, contact Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services for your free estimate.

What exactly on my motorcycle is covered with insurance?

Just like any other vehicle, your motorcycle will need to be insured.  Not only does this protect you, but this can also protect your investment.  And, just like other types of insurance, there are standard policies and add-on coverage that you can add to your policy to make sure exactly what you need to be covered is taken care of.  At Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, serving the residents of Proctorville, OH, we aim to clear up any questions you may have regarding your insurance.  Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is covered by your plan.

A standard insurance policy for your motorcycle will include some sort of liability coverage.  This at a minimum should cover any property damage as well as the bodily harm that is caused from an accident.  Comprehensive and collision coverage will then help to cover any damage to your own motorcycle that may happen as a result of an accident.  Additionally, most standard motorcycle insurance policies will cover total loss damage, should the bike be irreparable following an accident, as well as medical coverage if bodily harm should occur. 

There are also optional coverage options that can be added onto your standard insurance policy.  Some of these include trip interruption coverage that is intended to cover lodging expenses or repairs to your motorcycle should a problem occur while taking a trip.  You can also get equipment coverage for any additional gear you might have on your motorcycle or towing and labor coverage to help cover a flat tire, low fluid, or lost keys.

Because there are so many different options with motorcycle insurance it can be difficult to find the right policy that covers what you need.  At Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services we aim to help the residents of Proctorville, OH find just the right coverage.  Feel free to check out our website today to learn more about how we can find the right policy for you.

Top Reasons to Purchase Flood Insurance

One of the lesser considered types of insurance, flood insurance is actually a type of coverage most should consider carefully. Are you considering purchasing a policy but need a little more convincing? The following is a closer look at the top reasons to purchase a flood insurance policy. 

No Home is Flood-Proof

While some areas are certainly more prone to flooding than others, there is no such thing as a flood-proof home. Therefore, by purchasing flood coverage, you are ensuring your belongings are protected during even the worst-case scenario.

You Can’t Rely on the Government

Moreover, many believe that matters such as natural disasters will be handled by the government. This is not necessarily the case. In fact, the government often falls short of providing assistance during these times. Moreover, it often takes them too long to disburse payments even when they agree to provide relief. Therefore, purchasing your own coverage is the only way to ensure your family has the funds and resources necessary to move forward.

Flood Damage Can be Costly

Lastly, flood damage can be quite costly. This is due to the fact that many of the things are damaged beyond repair and must be totally replaced. Rather than waiting until a flood occurs and you lose thousands in prized possessions, purchasing a policy can ensure that you can repair or replace the items you hold dear.

Overall, for those living in Proctorville, OH, let Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services be your go to for your life insurance policy. Proudly serving the area of Proctorville, OH, contact Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services today to find out how you can start you flood coverage immediately! 


In Proctorville OH, Are There Different Types of Commercial Insurance?

The agents of Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services are available to answer questions and offer sound advice when it comes to various types of commercial insurance. Business owners in the Proctorville, OH area should have their commercial policies reviewed regularly to protect their business from financial loss. There are several different types of commercial insurance that should be considered, depending on the type of business a person owns. Worker’s Compensation insurance is required by law to protect a company’s employees if they are injured during the performance of their duties. Flood insurance, property damage insurance, and commercial liability insurance are just a few types of commercial insurance a company may want to consider.

While Worker’s Compensation is mandatory, other types of insurance are not. Businesses that are located in a flood plain should carry flood insurance. Flood damage is not covered by property damage policies that are written to protect against weather damage caused by tornadoes, high winds or driving rain. Commercial liability policies protect individuals who visit the business if they are injured or harmed in any way while on the premises. Commercial liability also covers damage caused by defective merchandise or workmanship.

Business owners in Proctorville,OH are encouraged to contact the agents of Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services to find out what types of commercial insurance they should have to protect their business. The agent will also help the business owner to determine just how much insurance their company needs to prevent a devastating loss from ruining their livelihood. With the right type of commercial policy and the right amount of coverage, a business owner can sufficiently protect their investment and rebuild accordingly if an accident or unexpected event does occur. 

Status Why you need Insurance in Proctorville, OH

Proctorville, OH is a small town in a more rural part of the state. While this is an area that is away from urban areas that may have more risk associated with them due to the number of people and is inland from the inclement weather of the ocean, you will still need some types of insurance if you live in the Proctorville area. Below are the reasons you will need insurance in Proctorville, OH, preferably from a company like Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, who serves the greater Proctorville area and knows the people in the area well.


If you live in Proctorville, you will most likely need a vehicle to get around as there is very little access to real public transportation. With a car comes the need for auto insurance, which will protect you and whoever is riding with you in the event of an accident. Auto insurance will also protect those who are involved in the accident with you as well, covering their vehicles, their medical bills and whatever other property damage may have been caused. You can also have policies that will protect against any lawsuits that may arise from an auto accident as well.


Your home in Proctorville will need insurance coverage as well, against some things. If a hurricane were to hit the area, which happens from time to time along this part of Ohio, you would need to have coverage against the damage caused by the storm. You will also need fire insurance protection as well, to allow you to rebuild your home in the event a fire occurs. And having coverage against theft, if someone were to break into your home and steal valuables, is always a good idea as well.

Why To Consider A Separate Policy From Your Employer Sponsored One

So you have life insurance from the company that you work for. While that is a great benefit to have, it should not stop you from considering and even purchasing a separate policy. There are many reasons for this that people often do not think about and consider. However, before you start relying on your employer sponsored life insurance plan as your only plan, take a look at these reasons to consider getting a supplemental life insurance policy.

  • Employer sponsored life insurance policies typically do not provide enough coverage. Many companies offer employees life insurance equal to one to two times their annual salary. Experts say that people need to have coverage that equals anywhere between five and seven times their annual salary. If your life insurance provided by your employer does not hit that mark, you should look at a supplemental policy.
  • You cannot take the policy with you. If you leave the company at any time, you also lose your life insurance coverage that was provided as a benefit. This is not like health insurance where you can continue the coverage after you have left for a higher fee. You will have to search for a new policy to make up the difference or you will be without it.
  • You are limited in your options. If you only have the plan provided by your employer, then you get what they have chosen for you. You do not get to decide between plans, usually, and the plan they have may not even meet your needs.

For more information on this subject or to explore your life insurance options, be sure to contact Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services serving Proctorville, OH. They can help you find the right supplemental life insurance policy so that you are prepared for anything that comes your way.

Fall Home Checklist: Putting Your Home In Check Before Going On A Fall Break

Going away for the Fall? Those of us who live in colder states often take a little break to visit Florida or California, but there’s often that feeling of uneasiness when leaving our home unattended for a week, a month, or even longer. There are essentially three things to consider while you’re away:

Maintenance Issues

Any repairs that you’ve been putting off, leaky roofs and so on, now is the time to get them done. You don’t want to come back from your vacation to see extensive water damage. There are some other issues to consider, as well, to simply get your home in good shape for Fall.

  • Install the storm windows
  • Repair leaks and drafts
  • Check for fire hazards


Paying full price on your utilities when you’re not even going to be there is a waste of money. Shutting off your water while you’re away is a good way to ensure that, even if your pipes are leaking, you won’t come home to a $700 water bill.

  • Shut off your water
  • Call utility companies, Internet service provider, cable provider, etc. and ask if they have a payment plan to make things a little cheaper while you’re a way
  • Turn off all electronics and unplug everything (excepting security lights, etc.)


Vandals and robbers tend to target people they know to be on vacation. There are a few ways you can hope to prevent this.

  • Let your neighbor know you’ll be on vacation, and for how long
  • Ask your neighbor to pick up your paper, or the paper to just not deliver it until you’re back

An easy way to skip a lot of these steps is to have a trusted friend house-sit for you. Of course the easiest way to put your mind at ease is to contact Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services and make sure you have a policy that covers you, come what may.


Is Commercial Auto Insurance Really Necessary?

It’s not uncommon for new business owners to look for ways to cut corners to save money when setting up their new company. If your Ohio business uses company vehicles for transporting goods or customers, however, obtaining commercial auto insurance isn’t a luxury. Commercial auto insurance from Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services offers valuable protection that your business needs. Here are but a few of the many reasons why this insurance protection is necessary.

Protects Business Assets

A vehicle that’s registered under your company or used primarily for business use should have commercial insurance coverage. In the event of an accident, your commercial insurance policy will protect your business assets from liability claims or prospective lawsuits. Insurance protection can save your business from going under due to not having to pay accidental injuries or property damage out of pocket.

Protects Employees and Clients

If you or your employees use a vehicle for transporting goods or driving clients for work related purposes, commercial auto insurance will cover your drivers and clients in the event of an accident. Your insurance will pay for medical expenses of your employees or clients if they sustain injuries in an accident as well as cover property damage for your business vehicle.

You can also obtain commercial insurance coverage to protect employees driving their personal vehicles or rental vehicles for work-related purposes.

Provides Comprehensive Coverage

With commercial auto insurance, your company can benefit from comprehensive protection that includes liability for bodily injury, property damage, uninsured motorist coverage, collision, medical payments and more.

As a new business owner, you owe it to yourself to adequately protect your company from any eventuality. Call or visit Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services today to get a better idea of how you can benefit from all that commercial auto insurance has to offer.


How To Get The Most Out of Your Boat This Summer

Summertime is a time to have fun, get out on the water, and enjoy the longer days. When the sun comes out to play, if you live by water, then you likely want to get out on a boat. If you already own a boat, then there are some easy ways to make sure your boat is running strong all season long. Follow our tips so you can prep your boat and enjoy it this summer.

  • The first thing you should do is de-winterize your boat. If you did not winterize your boat before the cold weather hit, you may have some bigger issues to worry about. However, if you did winterize your boat, be sure to de-winterize it. 
  • Get a tune up. Once you have de-winterized your boat, be sure to get a tune up. As a rule of thumb, you should get a tune up once per year. If you make it a habit to do it before it starts getting too hot outside, then you will be more likely to get it done. Plus, once you get a tune up, your boat will run better and even last many more years.
  • Check your life jackets and fire extinguishers. No one wants to actually use these, and we hope you don’t, but you do want them to be functional if you do ever need them. You should check your fire extinguishers once a year as well so this is the perfect time. Check all of your safety supplies while you are at it!

Don’t forget to make sure you are insured! If you want to take a look at your current boat policy or even explore a new one, please contact us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services for more assistance. 

Should I adjust my insurance coverage based on my bike?

Many motorcycle riders only concern themselves with insuring their motorcycles at the state minimum, so that they will be covered in case they are involved in an accident. While covering yourself for this reason is important, there are many reasons why you may want to adjust your motorcycle insurance depending on the type of motorcycle you have and how you plan to use it, such as:

  • Certain bikes are stolen more often – If your bike is a model that is very popular, there is increased likelihood that it may be a target of theft. In this case you would want to make sure that you have the right coverages, just in case your bike is ever stolen.
  • You own a sport motorcycle – In most situations the faster you go the riskier riding your motorcycle becomes. Certain bikes have greater performance capabilities, and allow riders to reach increased speeds. If you consider yourself a speed demon, you may want to purchase more insurance.
  • It is important that you cover all the medical costs in an accident– It would be devastating to most people if they were to seriously injure somebody else in an accident. But it would be even more concerning if the insurance you purchased did not cover all of the victim’s physical and property damages. Riders of certain kinds of bikes are more likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents, injuring themselves and/or others. If you are concerned with making sure you are fully covered in case an accident occurs, you may want to add extra medical insurance. This type of insurance will cover the medical damages that standard liability insurance does not cover.

Getting the motorcycle insurance to fit your needs

Deciding the right amount of insurance you should carry, based on the kind of motorcycle you own and your riding habits, can be complicated. It is important that you consult with a well-informed Proctorville, Ohio area motorcycle insurance agent that can make you aware of the options available. Contact the insurance agents at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services today for a no-obligation quote.