Money Saving Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

Extending the life of your vehicle is important. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much work for you to not only improve how your vehicle runs but extend its life and boost resale value. At Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, we want to make sure you realize this money saving maintenance tips, whether you live in Proctorville, OH or in the surrounding community. 

Wash Your Vehicle

Washing your car does more than just remove dirt and grime. It prevents chemicals and minerals from eating away at the paint and metal. It actually is more important to wash your vehicle during the winter months than during the summer. Salt used on roadways during the winter will eat away at the undercarriage of your vehicle. By washing your vehicle once every week or two will prevent this from happening and help you avoid the dreaded rust. 

Engine Filters

Changing your oil at recommended intervals is important. Just as important is swapping out the filters. The oil filter needs to be changed at the same time as the oil itself, and installing a new engine air filter at the same time can improve vehicle performance while reducing the amount of dirt entering the engine. This will extend the life of your vehicle’s engine. 

Follow Routine Maintenance Schedule

When nothing is seemingly wrong with your vehicle you may just not want to take it into the shop. However, following the routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle is important as some parts will be deteriorating (such as belts). If you don’t follow the schedule you may set yourself up for larger problems later on down the road. 

By following through with these general maintenance tips, you’ll help avoid long term problems while saving money at the same time. If you’re in need of new auto insurance or have questions on other money saving opportunities for your Proctorville, OH vehicle, make sure to contact us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services.

Ways to Drive Defensively in Proctorville, OH

When driving in a place like Proctorville, OH, it is important to have insurance on your vehicle, through a local provider like Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, for example. However, this can get prohibitively expensive. So in order to make it more affordable, driving defensively can reduce the cost of insurance by keeping you out of an accident or getting a ticket from local authorities, two of the primary things that raise your rates. Below are some suggestions of ways to drive defensively.


This doesn’t mean speed, it means abide by the speed limit. But don’t drive way under the speed limit, because that can actually lead to accidents in some places in town. As speeding is the main cause of accidents and also the main type of ticket handed out, not doing these things makes little sense when you want lower costs for your insurance policy.


By keeping everyone else on the road around you aware of what you are doing, your intentions will be clear and accidents are less likely to happen when that is the case. This will keep rates low because the habitual use of signals will undoubtedly help you to avoid getting into an accident in the long run.


Have the assumption that other drivers are going to do things on the road that they absolutely shouldn’t do. This will actually allow you to be prepared when someone does do something stupid and dangerous on the road, allowing you to protect yourself, your vehicle and all the passengers who may be riding with you.


Bad visibility is another main reason why accidents happen so keeping your windows and mirrors clean us of the utmost importance when driving defensively.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Auto Insurance

Whether you are a seasoned Ohio driver or new to the roads in Proctorville, there are some mistakes you should avoid when applying for a new auto insurance policy. We at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services believe by avoiding the following mistakes you will end up with the best coverage at a reasonable price

  1. Avoid Purchasing The Cheapest Policy

While this strategy may save you money in the short term, you could end up paying for this decision in the long run. You will have a high deductible with a cheap policy, meaning you could potentially pay out thousands of dollars in repair expenses in the event of an accident.

2) Not Taking the Time to Understand the Policy

It is often during the claim filing process that policyholders learn about the exclusions in their policy because party of a claim is denied. Jeff will take the time to review each aspect of your policy with you prior to committing to the policy so that you are confident in the protection you are buying.

3) Missing Out on Key Discounts

Many people lose out on discounts available because they do not know to ask for them. Jeff  Hutchison Insurance Services knows all the discounts you could be eligible for including being accident-free, low mileage, and having anti-theft devices installed.

4) Not Being Truthful

Some people neglect to tell their carrier all the potential drivers of the vehicle or where the car is parked at night in an attempt to save a few bucks. Insurance companies do have ways of finding out this information and you risk have a claim denied as a result. The few dollars you save each month will not compare the money you will owe when you claim is denied.

If you are in the Market for an Auto Insurance policy, please give us a call to review all of your options. We proudly service Proctorville, OH and the surrounding areas.

Navigating ATV Insurance for the Beginner in Ohio

Before 2010 in Ohio, you were reasonably assured that if something happened to your beloved ATV then your home owner’s policy would cover the damages or theft. However, now that the Bureau of Motorized Vehicles mandates that you have all of your motorized vehicles insured, you really need to have additional coverage in case something happens to you or to someone on your property. 


ATVs are small and light, and it makes them prime targets for thieves. You can lock up your ATV in a garage (and you should of course), but sometimes that’s not enough to keep someone from figuring out a way to get to your property. Losing your ATV would probably not destroy your finances, but why handle the hassle if you don’t have to? 

Damage and Injury 

There’s risk in everything you do every day, but some moves are more risky than others. ATVs are pretty simple to learn and ride, but that doesn’t mean that mistakes aren’t made or that it’s harmless. In the case of a major accident with life-changing consequences, you’re going to need someone to turn to. If you have the right insurance, you don’t have to be held liable for medical bills or property coverage. ATV insurance doesn’t have to break the bank, and you might be surprised at just how affordable it is. Contacting Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services means you’re taking the first step to safety. You can ask the questions so you can make the right decision about what type of insurance you should buy. There are different restrictions depending on your use of the ATV (e.g., if you use the ATV for pleasure or work), so contacting an experienced agency can really help you navigate the rules of the road. 

Keeping Emotions In Check Behind The Wheel

It takes a very strong person to be able to resist road rage while driving. Even the best of people can be overcome with these kinds of emotions in the right environment. With traffic, other emotional drivers, and even some other things that can come into play with driving, it is extremely important to take precaution and do everything you can to maintain a positive attitude. This is because aggressive driving can cause accidents, up to 66% of traffic fatalities according to a recent study. Use these tips to keep your emotions in check with driving. 

  • Play your favorite music in the car. When you have your best music on to keep your mood happy, you are more likely to be happy. This is even a great tactic in traffic. Keep your mood up with a traffic playlist designed to keep you smiling.
  • Get out of the way if there is another driver tailgating you. This action can prevent both you and the other driver from getting too angry from the situation. 
  • Plan ahead for potential traffic. Many people tend to get more mad while in traffic if they are late getting somewhere. Omit this from the equation and allow yourself plenty of time while on the road. This will help to reduce any anger you get from traffic.
  • Be considerate of other drivers. If you know you are doing something they will not like, try to change the action. If they are doing something you do not like, try to cut them some slack. They may be having a bad day or it could be their first time driving. A little courtesy goes a long way. 

Protect yourself with a great auto insurance policy. Contact us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services to explore your options today.

What’s Covered by Insurance in an International Accident: Talk to Your Proctorville, OH Team

If you are planning to travel overseas and drive while you are there, it helps to know what to expect if there is a risk of an accident. First, realize that where you are will make a very big difference. When you get in an accident in Proctorville, OH, for example, you can quickly turn to the team at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services and we’ll help you through the process. If you are overseas, though, you’ll need to follow the local laws in these areas.

What You Can Expect

If you are driving in Canada and involved in an accident, your auto insurance plan here may provide you with some coverage. This depends on the plan you have. Our team can help to clarify this information for you. However, if you are overseas, your insurance here does not often apply. You will need to file a police report and follow local laws regarding the matter. In most cases, you’ll have insurance on your rental car, if you have one, that will help minimize some of these costs to you. It’s important to clarify with the rental company ahead of time what your specific responsibilities are, though, before renting a vehicle.

Make Sure You Are Protected

It’s a good idea to talk to our agents at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services before you head out on your trip. Let us make sure your current auto insurance is in place for Canadian travel. If you are heading overseas, we may be able to help you in that area as well. Don’t wait to get a plan in place. Accidents that occur overseas can be risky and financially costly. Let us help you minimize these risks before you leave Proctorville, OH.


Five Things To Supply To Get Car Insurance Quotes

Proctorville, OH is a small village with a population of close to 500 people. There’s not much to do within the town, but there is a general feeling of everyone knowing everyone. For those who want more of the big city feel, Huntington, WV is less than 10 miles away.

When you are going to get car insurance in the 45669 area, there are 5 things you will want to supply in order to get quotes.

Car Details

You will need to talk about the type of car you have. This includes make, model, and year as well as any other details. Depending on the insurance company, you may also need your car inspected before they can give you their best rate.

Amount of Miles Driven

Before quotes can be given to you in Proctorville, you will want to know approximately how many miles you drive on a daily basis. This includes your mileage for the year as well as what your commute mileage is to and from work. The best rates come to those who drive less than 20 miles a day.

Driving History

An agent will ask for your driving history. This will include getting your driver’s license number. Past accidents will need to be discussed.

Marital Status

Married people generally get better rates, so this is a question that you will be asked.

Type of Insurance Needed

You have options when it comes to car insurance. While the state of OH tells you that there is a minimum level of liability, you can also choose to get comprehensive and collision insurance as well. Knowing the level of coverage you want will make it easier to get quotes from agents in a timely fashion.

Call and speak to one of our independent agents today so we can help you with insurance in the 45669 area.

Car Insurance With A Learner’s Permit: Things You Need To Know

Throughout Ohio, there are many things to see and do. From Toledo to Cincinnati, Dayton to Columbus, major cities are out and about. This provides residents with the opportunities to enjoy the arts, fine dining restaurants and bistros, and have an array of top companies to choose from for employment.

You need to make sure you have car insurance when you are planning on driving on the roads. You also need to make sure that there is an insurance policy in place with a learners permit. Even though the person in your household isn’t a completely licensed driver, they will be behind the wheel and that means it’s important that they are included on the policy.

There are some things you need to know about car insurance as it pertains to a learner’s permit in Ohio.

1. You will be required to maintain at least the minimum level of insurance. It can be advantageous to increase the liability levels so that you have the necessary coverage. This way, if there is an accident, you are not responsible for all of the expenses.

2. The cost of car insurance does not have to be expensive. It’s a good idea to work with independent agents so you can get the help finding the coverage. Quotes can be obtained for you as well to be able to make comparisons between the different policies.

3. Those who have gone through some kind of student driver course may be able to get a discount on car insurance. This is something that is important to mention when talking with an agent.

The more you know about car insurance with a learner’s permit, the easier it is for you to find a policy that will protect you, your vehicle, and your finances.