What exactly on my motorcycle is covered with insurance?

Just like any other vehicle, your motorcycle will need to be insured.  Not only does this protect you, but this can also protect your investment.  And, just like other types of insurance, there are standard policies and add-on coverage that you can add to your policy to make sure exactly what you need to be covered is taken care of.  At Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, serving the residents of Proctorville, OH, we aim to clear up any questions you may have regarding your insurance.  Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is covered by your plan.

A standard insurance policy for your motorcycle will include some sort of liability coverage.  This at a minimum should cover any property damage as well as the bodily harm that is caused from an accident.  Comprehensive and collision coverage will then help to cover any damage to your own motorcycle that may happen as a result of an accident.  Additionally, most standard motorcycle insurance policies will cover total loss damage, should the bike be irreparable following an accident, as well as medical coverage if bodily harm should occur. 

There are also optional coverage options that can be added onto your standard insurance policy.  Some of these include trip interruption coverage that is intended to cover lodging expenses or repairs to your motorcycle should a problem occur while taking a trip.  You can also get equipment coverage for any additional gear you might have on your motorcycle or towing and labor coverage to help cover a flat tire, low fluid, or lost keys.

Because there are so many different options with motorcycle insurance it can be difficult to find the right policy that covers what you need.  At Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services we aim to help the residents of Proctorville, OH find just the right coverage.  Feel free to check out our website today to learn more about how we can find the right policy for you.