Home Improvement Tips to Cut Insurance Costs

If you are considering a new home improvement project, wouldn’t you like to save money further down the road? With the right home improvement projects, you can actually cut insurance costs. Now, adding on a new bathroom or finishing the attic will ultimately increase home insurance costs due to the increased property value. However, at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, we can help you save money in your Proctorville, OH home. 

Home Security System

Installing a home security system improves your home security by reducing the chance of someone breaking in. It also can help reduce your home insurance costs. Just make sure to inform your home insurance provider about the upgrade (this holds true with all improvement options). 

Upgrade Appliances

Your old water heater or furnace not only cost you more to run but are more likely to break down, flood and cause internal problems within the house. Upgrading the appliances can save you a good amount of money on every single utility bill. You can also experience a drop in home insurance costs as well. Just another reason to put some extra money into your new appliances. 

New Roof

This home improvement project is a bit more pricey than the others. However, a new roof is an extremely valuable project. First, it reduces the chance of damage to your house. It cuts down on energy consumption by improving insulation in the roof (this is one of the top areas where energy is lost throughout the year). And by cutting down potential home damage, you can also experience money savings in your home insurance as well. 

At Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services, we want to do everything in our power to both help protect your home and save money at the same time. By following through with these different home improvement tips to cut insurance costs, you can experience several money saving opportunities in your Proctorville, OH home.