Fall Home Checklist: Putting Your Home In Check Before Going On A Fall Break

Going away for the Fall? Those of us who live in colder states often take a little break to visit Florida or California, but there’s often that feeling of uneasiness when leaving our home unattended for a week, a month, or even longer. There are essentially three things to consider while you’re away:

Maintenance Issues

Any repairs that you’ve been putting off, leaky roofs and so on, now is the time to get them done. You don’t want to come back from your vacation to see extensive water damage. There are some other issues to consider, as well, to simply get your home in good shape for Fall.

  • Install the storm windows
  • Repair leaks and drafts
  • Check for fire hazards


Paying full price on your utilities when you’re not even going to be there is a waste of money. Shutting off your water while you’re away is a good way to ensure that, even if your pipes are leaking, you won’t come home to a $700 water bill.

  • Shut off your water
  • Call utility companies, Internet service provider, cable provider, etc. and ask if they have a payment plan to make things a little cheaper while you’re a way
  • Turn off all electronics and unplug everything (excepting security lights, etc.)


Vandals and robbers tend to target people they know to be on vacation. There are a few ways you can hope to prevent this.

  • Let your neighbor know you’ll be on vacation, and for how long
  • Ask your neighbor to pick up your paper, or the paper to just not deliver it until you’re back

An easy way to skip a lot of these steps is to have a trusted friend house-sit for you. Of course the easiest way to put your mind at ease is to contact Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services and make sure you have a policy that covers you, come what may.