Should I adjust my insurance coverage based on my bike?

Many motorcycle riders only concern themselves with insuring their motorcycles at the state minimum, so that they will be covered in case they are involved in an accident. While covering yourself for this reason is important, there are many reasons why you may want to adjust your motorcycle insurance depending on the type of motorcycle you have and how you plan to use it, such as:

  • Certain bikes are stolen more often – If your bike is a model that is very popular, there is increased likelihood that it may be a target of theft. In this case you would want to make sure that you have the right coverages, just in case your bike is ever stolen.
  • You own a sport motorcycle – In most situations the faster you go the riskier riding your motorcycle becomes. Certain bikes have greater performance capabilities, and allow riders to reach increased speeds. If you consider yourself a speed demon, you may want to purchase more insurance.
  • It is important that you cover all the medical costs in an accident– It would be devastating to most people if they were to seriously injure somebody else in an accident. But it would be even more concerning if the insurance you purchased did not cover all of the victim’s physical and property damages. Riders of certain kinds of bikes are more likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents, injuring themselves and/or others. If you are concerned with making sure you are fully covered in case an accident occurs, you may want to add extra medical insurance. This type of insurance will cover the medical damages that standard liability insurance does not cover.

Getting the motorcycle insurance to fit your needs

Deciding the right amount of insurance you should carry, based on the kind of motorcycle you own and your riding habits, can be complicated. It is important that you consult with a well-informed Proctorville, Ohio area motorcycle insurance agent that can make you aware of the options available. Contact the insurance agents at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services today for a no-obligation quote.