Navigating ATV Insurance for the Beginner in Ohio

Before 2010 in Ohio, you were reasonably assured that if something happened to your beloved ATV then your home owner’s policy would cover the damages or theft. However, now that the Bureau of Motorized Vehicles mandates that you have all of your motorized vehicles insured, you really need to have additional coverage in case something happens to you or to someone on your property. 


ATVs are small and light, and it makes them prime targets for thieves. You can lock up your ATV in a garage (and you should of course), but sometimes that’s not enough to keep someone from figuring out a way to get to your property. Losing your ATV would probably not destroy your finances, but why handle the hassle if you don’t have to? 

Damage and Injury 

There’s risk in everything you do every day, but some moves are more risky than others. ATVs are pretty simple to learn and ride, but that doesn’t mean that mistakes aren’t made or that it’s harmless. In the case of a major accident with life-changing consequences, you’re going to need someone to turn to. If you have the right insurance, you don’t have to be held liable for medical bills or property coverage. ATV insurance doesn’t have to break the bank, and you might be surprised at just how affordable it is. Contacting Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services means you’re taking the first step to safety. You can ask the questions so you can make the right decision about what type of insurance you should buy. There are different restrictions depending on your use of the ATV (e.g., if you use the ATV for pleasure or work), so contacting an experienced agency can really help you navigate the rules of the road.