It’s Spring in Proctorville, Ohio. Really.

It has been one long cold, snowy winter in Proctorville, OH. Although we will could still experience some cold temps, and maybe even some more snow, spring officially started on March 20th. People from throughout Proctorville and Huntington will be emerging from their homes enjoying the warmer temperatures. Backyard barbecues will again fill the air and the sound of lawn mowers will fill our ears.

It is the season we all start to get together a little more, our kids play in each other’s yards, and outside yard work gets into full swing. It is also when you are at risk of a personal injury claim. Injuries can happen quickly and without warning. Personal injury claims can be the result of a child falling from a swing, from a flare up on a propane grill, or an unseen mole hole in your yard. They can come from a neighbor, a delivery person or a lawn care worker. When they occur, you want to make sure you are properly covered. That coverage will be provided by the liability provisions of your homeowners insurance.

If you live in the 45669 zip code area, you are invited to contact us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services. We are an independent insurance agency serving the Proctorville area. We can review your homeowners policy to make sure it is as ready for the spring as you are. Because we are independent agents, we can seek out a rate you will find affordable without jeopardizing coverage.

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We have made it through the winter and it is time to celebrate. Just make sure you do it safely. If you have questions about your homeowners insurance, we invite you to contact us at Jeff Hutchison Insurance Services.